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Hi everyone!, I will be taking over the community. I'd like to start off by getting to know everyone a bit, and getting filled in on the necessary server information. The days coming forward I want to go over existing server problems, existing features that need some attention, as well as things that overall need to be reviewed to ensure success. I look forward to working on and growing with you all. If you have any questions/concerns please direct them to my DMs or message @SirDeathnote
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6 months ago
Pixel Skies Patch 1.1 (CHANGELOG)

Hello! Today I'll be covering all the changes made since the release date (1 Week Ago). Hope you'll love the changes!

+ /casino

+ /auctionhouse

+ /warp pvp


+ Custom bosses! (/BUY)

+ Votes are now announced in discord

+ Added a package crate (/BUY)

+ Added many new rules

- Removed #market-place (see /ah in-game)

* Fixed keep inventory bug

* Fixed crops not growing


That is it! Hope you liked it! Make sure to post suggestions in #suggestions on our discord!


10 months ago
[OFFICIAL] Crystals Guide

Hello! I'll be guiding you through our custom feature Crystals.


What are Crystals?

Crystals are virtual items, which can be cashed in for money!


How can Crystals be earned?

You can earn crystals by mining stone,dirt and ores.


There are 3 Different Rarities


Common - 1 in 500 Chance 

Rare - 1 in 2500 Chance

Mythical - 1 in 50000 Chance


What are the rewards?

Rewards are the following:


Common Crystals will contain one of these:

- $100

- $250

- $500

- $750

- $1,000


Rare Crystals will contain one of these:

- $1,500

- $2,500

- $50,00

- $7,500

- $10,000


Mythical Crystals will contain one of these:

- $25,000

- $75,000

- $100,000

- $175,000

- $250,000


To see your Crystal Count or to Cash them in type in /crystals