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Welcome to our Server Rules! Please Respect all the Server Rules!

1. No Swearing at other players
Ex. Fuck you John!
<- Breaking the rules! (targetted at another player)
Ex. Fuck, I Died <- Completely fine, (not targetted at anyone)

2. Only use English in Global Chat
Ex. Ajmo u sumu <- Breaking the rules (it's in global)
Ex. /msg <player> ajmo u sumu </player><- (you can speak any language in the DMs)

3. Do not abuse glitches/bugs in any way
Ex. Abusing a glitch in the spawn, shop or anywhere
Ex. Item Duping, ender pearl, and chorus glitching

4. Do not scam/trick or TP Troll players in any way
Ex. Saying you'll pay $300k for an item, but once you receive the item you don't pay

5. No griefing/stealing of any kind!
Ex. Seeing an unclaimed base and griefing it 

6. No asking for staff, ranks, items, etc...
Ex. Can I have OP????

7. No inappropriate skins
Ex. Hitler, Stalin, Naked and other offensive skins

8 No advertising servers/links not related to Pixel Skies
Ex. join here! play.testserver.com
Ex. Check out my General Post!

9. No racism, sexism, discrimination of any kind (even if said as a joke/not targetted at any player)
Ex. You're a n*gga John!

10. No using of hacked clients (Allowed/Disallowed Mod List in our Discord)
Ex. Using X-Ray

11. No Fully Automatic Redstone Farms/Machines, Lag Machines, or AFK Machines​​​

12. No taboo topics
Ex. Talking about Suicide, Rape, Drugs, Religion, Politics...

13. No caps,spam,flood
Ex. H
Ex. H
Ex. H

14. Do not claim within 50 blocks of another players claim

15. Blocking off End Portals is not allowed. Claiming is allowed, however, it must be accessible to outside players

16. TP Killing and TP Trapping Are Not Allowed

Ex. Letting someone tp to you and killing them instantly/trapping them.

17. Killing someone on their claim or any other instance where the player is unable to react (exploiting the player being unable to move) or where PVP would typically be disabled

18. No alt accounts under any circumstances

19. No ban evading under any circumstances

20. Any kind of IRL trading is NOT allowed
Ex. $1,000,000 In-Game for a rank on our store

21. Staff are human, they also make mistakes. They may also sometimes make errors and misjudge, just make sure to report it to a higher staff member.
Ex. staff falsely mutes someone <- These things happen, just make sure to report them :)

22. Do not mention your staff application to the Staff